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Post Messages and Thoughts about Tyler
This is a new section to Tyler's website where you can post a message or thoughts. Many of Tyler's friends are not able to post to his Facebook wall as it is now memorialized and if you were not a Facebook friend prior to his passing you can no longer post to his FB wall. You can here!

Be sure to mention your name if you wish

Tom Steen

You are forever in my heart Ty

this message still stands - ardently ????

“... and I will try to keep my tears at bay. It's Advent time - preparing for the coming of the infant Jesus. He is the world's hope. And in believing in Him and His love, it helps me know that I will see you again someday. Miss you, Tyler xo

(Posted 12/14/2014 )”

(Posted 12/14/2021 by )

12 years and counting

We miss you every day, even as the years pass.. Mom, Dad, Ryan and Corey.

(Posted 12/14/2021 by )

Fond memories this day has we pack to move from our home which Tyler had live. Love Mom, Dad, Corey and Ryan

(Posted 12/14/2020 by )


Miss you every day. Mom, Dad, Ryan and Corey.

(Posted 12/14/2019 by )

Happy Bday Tyler

A day never goes by that we don't think of you. 31 years young if you stayed.


(Posted 5/3/2019 by admin)


After 8 years of grief, sadness and healing, we still miss you. Ginamanacana Tyler.......

Mom, Dad, Ryan and Corey

(Posted 12/14/2017 by )

Missing You


I think of you from time to time, and today is one of those times. Missing your sly smile and effortless kindness. You are and always will be one of a kind. I hope you're enjoying it up there, doodling countless doodles and running your fingers through that incredible hair :)


(Posted 1/6/2017 by )


Tina and Tom,
You have made such a beautiful and special memorial to your son. My heart is full.
It gives me a glimpse into the precious life of a family member I never knew...but wish
I did. You are very special people.

(Posted 12/15/2016 by )

In my heart . . . aways

Years have passed since Tyler left us. And my heart still aches for him - missing him. I am only consoled by knowing - truly knowing - that he is in Heaven watching over us. Loving us as we love him. Miss you Tyler! Luv, Aunt Cindy

(Posted 12/14/2016 by )

7 years have passed.

Celebrating your life on this day (as we do all days) helps us heal but missing you never goes away. Mom and Dad

(Posted 12/14/2016 by )

Happy Bday tyler

Forever 21 even know today you would be 28! Love and miss you,
Mom & Dad

(Posted 5/3/2016 by )

Today is just not another day

Six years ago today you left us for Heaven. Never a day goes by when we don't think about you, shed a tear, and smile. The memories of you will live in our hearts forever.

Love, Mom and Dad

(Posted 12/14/2015 by )

Happy Birthday in heaven, Tyler!

You made a mark on this earth & touch those who knew you. We celebrate your life today!
Mary x

(Posted 5/3/2015 by )

From Mom and Dad

Happy Bday Tyler. "Ginamonacona"

(Posted 5/3/2015 by )

My Tyler

I woke up at sunrise today remembering you. Five years have passed but a day doesn't go by that I don't think of you. May the memories of you live forever in my heart. Dad

(Posted 12/14/2014 by )

I sing at Mass for you today Tyler ...

... and I will try to keep my tears at bay. It's Advent time - preparing for the coming of the infant Jesus. He is the world's hope. And in believing in Him and His love, it helps me know that I will see you again someday. Miss you, Tyler xo

(Posted 12/14/2014 by )

From Mom And Dad

Happy 26 birthday Tyler. I'm sure there's a cake in haven for you today. Miss you!

(Posted 5/3/2014 by )

The 3rd anniversary . . .

Dear Tina, Tom, Ryan, Corey, Fecteau & Steen family.

Today is the third anniversary of Tyler's passing. It's somewhat mind boggling to think of today's coincidence concerning the killing of all the children and grownups in Newtown, Conn. Lucille and I know that as they pass up to heaven, Tyler will be there to comfort them.

We miss him terribly.

Love Papa

(Posted 12/14/2012 by )

'A Day Never Goes By'

A day never goes by when we don't miss him especially today 12/14/2012. The pain and grief subside but never the memories of him.
May he rest in peace.....
Mom, Dad, Ryan and Corey

(Posted 12/14/2012 by )

Another year . . . sigh . . .

Sometimes the happy memories of Tyler help -- not so this time of year. Especially tomorrow -- December 14th.

Prayers and Hugs to all my family and friends -- and continuing prayers for my God son Tyler, too . . .


(Posted 12/13/2012 by )

Gone But Never Forgotten

First, I want to introduce myself...

My name is Ashleigh and I currently was offered a job position from your dad at CASAC.

The first time I heard about you was the first week I volunteered for CASAC at a youth conference. I must say, if no one was touched by your father's speech I definately was.

You are a marked angel who is in a better place, and one thing I always keep in mind is that God makes no mistakes because you are a true blessing.

I never knew you personally, but I enjoyed looking at your art work, you were very talented.

It was just the other day your dad and I were communicating and I told him ' This is the perfect job for you.' In his short time here at CASAC, he has spoke to many young adults, and I'm positive he changed at least one person life. And that's all it takes is one!

Ashleigh Edwards

(Posted 6/5/2012 by )

Wishing Tyler was here to celebrate his birthday this week . . .

I'm gazing at Tyler's photo -- and Boomer's too . . . to luvvies that have passed. One that would be celebrating a birthday -- the other, the anniversary of his passing.

I picture them hanging out in Heaven together . . .

Missing both of them . . .

I noticed Aunt Suzi missing Tyler today, too . . . so many miss him.

Hugs to all!

luv, Cindy xoxo

(Posted 4/30/2012 by )

It's a beautiful day.....

It's a beautiful day.....I'm sitting outside in the glorious sushine....my thoughts shift to Tyler who loved this kind of spring experience and the warmth of the sun. I remember him not wanting to come to Boston for college becuase the winters were too cold. I remember begging him and bribing him with money. I big grin appeared on his face...No way Aunt Suzie, I'm heading south to Savanah. Come vivist me! I smile to myself. The as always I feel the tears burn at the back of my eyes and a heavy feeling settles into my chest. Tylr I miss you soo very much.

(Posted 4/30/2012 by )

Happy New Year Tyler

We were all together yesterday bringing in the New Year and our thoughts turned to you. We love and miss you.

(Posted 1/1/2012 by )

Two years seems like ten

It's only been two years since we lost a vital organ in the physical and emotional body of our immediate family.

Important dates go by holidays, birthdays, and graduations when my mind wanders to Tyler and what it would be like to still have the joy of his presence. What jokes would he have told, what new experiences in his life would he have described, but most importantly I miss those wonderful hugs and reassuring smiles.

Our family still grieves for Tyler like an amputated limb that still aches.

In this holiday season our hearts will become full again as we will view the photos, videos and momentos that Tyler left behind and be grateful that he enriched our lives now and forever.

(Posted 12/14/2011 by )

Know that we are with you in spirit and here is my entry into your special book.

Tyler was a special person - this I saw every time I was with him and that was often with all the Boy Scout gatherings we had over many years. Mature beyond his years, he never seemed to be a boy to me but a man in a boy's body. He was calm, intelligent and enjoyed interacting with everyone around him, especially adults. He gave us adults the window into what the other boys were up to. I have many full memories of him and watch him walking and talking through each and every one. I will share one which was took all of us adults quite by surprise!
After years of incredible outings, it was time to award a few of the boys with advanced rankings, 'the three muskateers,' in particular. My son was turned down (he was one of the three) as he had not shown enough leadership skills - He was very hurt by this when they called the names and he was not called. The Boy Scout leaders did not recognize my Thomas for what he was - a poet and a thinker. He would never be able to show leadership but there was no flexibility.
At the same time, Thomas was a follower and he followed Tyler and his buddies, the Leighton twins. They never cared about completing tasks and moving ahead in the scouts towards becoming Eagles.

Much to my dismay that day, Tyler,et al, (and now Thomas!) asked to speak in front of the crowd and boy, did they speak! There we all were, sitting in the woods, on stumps and in camp chairs, at a campsite, nice and cozy....about to be slammed out of nowhere! They said they were quitting and why and I was shocked! It came out of nowhere!

I also worked with Tyler at the Deja Vu antique shop when he borrowed my brand new camera and enjoyed taking photos. I can still see his hands gently working with that camera - he took great care of it and respected it. He photographed smaller antiques that we posted on-line to sell. We set up sheets and lighting in my basement to ...get the best pictures and tried different things to improve his photographs. Tyler had a lot of fun with this creative work. There wasn't a whole lot of money to be made in the depressed antique market but as soon as Esther and I got money from on-line sales, I made sure that Tyler got paid first and as much as possible! I wanted to reward his hard work and he was very pleased.

You left us much too soon, Tyler. It seems like God takes the best ones when the rest of us here on Earth least expect it. They say God picks the best flowers for his garden and that's just what he did. Thomas and I love you Tyler and we will never forget you. Thanks for including Thomas in your rebellious speech and demonstration that day you all quit Boy Scouts! At least he belonged to you when he no longer belonged to them. Much love and peace...

Stephanie Trolle, July 17, 5:39 a.m., Ridgefield, Connecticut

(Posted 7/18/2011 by )

PS . . . love the latest new photos today. the tatoo is awesome!

(Posted 6/14/2011 by )

thinking about you today tyler . . .

getting ready to move into our new summer home. I had a vision of tyler sipping a cool one overlooking the water. I wish tyler could be here in person to do this . . . having his spirit there will just have to do! missing ty! luv aunt cindy xo

PS -- ryan & corey will toast one to you with me hopefully by the end of the summer!

(Posted 6/14/2011 by )

Celebrate Tyler Steen's Life - Sunday July 17th - 2 pm

Tyler's family would like to invite you to a gathering at Tylers final resting place, Beavertail Lighthouse, Jametown, RI. We spread his ashes off this point last year and would like to share this wonderful place with you. We plan to have a short ceramony a 2pm and then enjoy the park, it's views and Tyler's life. Breavertail Lighthouse is very close to Newport RI and many beautiful beaches, so pack a picnic basket and make it a day! Here is the link to the Lighthouse for more information: http://www.beavertaillight.org/
We hope to see you there!

Tom, Tina, Ryan and Corey.

(Posted 5/26/2011 by admin)

Happy Birthday Tyler!

Happy Birthday Tyler!!!

You are forever in our hearts!!!

Love, Michael and Corinne

(Posted 5/3/2011 by )

Happy Birthday Tyler!

We miss you sooooo much!

(Posted 5/3/2011 by )

Honey Baked Ham

We got our order form from Honey Baked only to see your Apt address 101 East 36, Apt B along with our address. You didn't make it home for Easter of 2009 so we sent you the biggest ham we could get. You and your friends had a Easter feast then you call us with the big thank yous. What a nice memory!
RIP Tyler..

(Posted 4/16/2011 by admin)

Happy St Patricks Day

I will always remember your phone call on St Patty's day from Savannah Ga. You were having such a great time celebrating with your college friends. Cheers to you..


(Posted 3/17/2011 by admin)

New Entry

What a grate way to keep a lagacy alive.
You will never forget and should not.
JS Portale

(Posted 2/17/2011 by )

Miss You Tyler . . .

luv the new way I can share my moments with you on this blog entry your dad put on the website . . . xo

(Posted 2/17/2011 by )


What's good bro ...just thinking about ya. Pop open a cold one up there.

(Posted 2/15/2011 by )

"What we have enjoyed
we can never lose ...
All that we love deeply
becomes a part of us"
--- Helen Keller  


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