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Joan Gabes Dymersky 11/27/2010.

"As the Thanksgiving weekend comes to a close tomorrow, and we begin our holy season of advent, I remember the sadness from Tyler's loss and I pray for peace and happiness and memories of goodtimes for the entire Steen Family. Love, hope and faith can hopefully carry us through the storm. Love you guys!!!!"


Mary Hall 11/30/2010

Thinking about you a lot these days, Tyler, and of your mom & dad. Hard to believe it's been almost one year since the incredible sadness of losing you entered their lives. Your untimely passing and their amazing strength and love have had an impact on my life and the lives of many others. I have truly been blessed to know your family and you. Rest in peace, dear Tyler, and my God bless your family


Toni M 8/23/2010

I miss Tyler so much! We would of been graduating this year! What made me think of him is because Today I found an old Funny Valentines Day card we made for each other just to be goofy. I remember everything about the last time we hung out the Sidewalk arts festival 2009 I came all the way up from ATL to see my old friends and I spend the day with Tyler we were able to grab lunch and just talk for 3 1/2 hours straight about everything. I'm so blessed to share that with him and so grateful to have a friend like Tyler.


Henry and Kim Leibovitz 8/3/2010

Tina and Tom, Thank you for providing a better understanding of Tyler through this memorial. From his intersts and drawings we can tell he was a very spirited and talented guy.


Bob Hoffman 4/15/2010

can only imagine the anguish and sense of loss for you, Tom & Tina. Nevertheless, your lives were blessed by Tyler's role in them. May this thought help ease the sorrow.


Rebecca Jones 4/12/2010

Its funny how I start remembering so much about being a kid now that i'm becoming an adult Occasionally I start remembering all my friends and thinking about who they are now. Even though Tyler and I havent been friends since maybe pre-school or elementary school, I remember just being a kid with him, and I look back at how we were so little then and we had no cares in the world, and I like that image, because we were all so innocent back then, and the future didnt matter. But the future is here now, I guess, and Im sorry he isnt here to share any more of it with us; though he is in Gods hands now, and Im sure he is with us every day. God Rest, Tyler. remember the old days :)


MeMe and PaPa Steen 4/11/2010



Donna Pepe 3/2/2010

comments: To Tina, Tom, Ryan and Corey. I was deeply saddened to hear this tragic news. I remember Tyler from his visits to the Hand Therapy office in Danbury. He was a skinny little boy back then, (much younger than the handsome man in the photos I see here of him), but with the same wonderful smile. My heart goes out to each of you and I hope that each day you can find some comfort in your memories of what a kind and special person he was. My love to all of you. Donna


Gary Forster 3-2-2010

comments: "Today we remember that he died; we will remember that he lived, forever." -- Charles Osgood

Tony Esposito 3/2/2010

So sorry to hear of your loss. I did not have the opportunity to meet Tyler but am sure that he gave and received much love. Julie and my thoughts are with you.

Jorge oyola 2/23/2010



Casey McKenna 2/15/2010

Anyone who knew Tyler felt the unique and special qualities that made him who we all remember him as: a person who put others before himself and someone who put special care and effort into the people he loved and cared for...I doubt I will ever meet anyone with the old soul and the genuine care that he obtained. I think about him all the time and will always keep him in my heart and my thoughts. He will always live on in there.



"What we have enjoyed
we can never lose ...
All that we love deeply
becomes a part of us"
--- Helen Keller  


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